Coin Master Boom Levels and Villages

Coin Master Boom Levels and Villages – Ultimate Guide 2021

Coin master fans are very interested to know how many levels there are in the Coin Master game? Also, the next question that comes to mind is what are Coin Master Boom levels and Villages, then you are at the right place!

Many gamers around the world consider Coin Master to be their favorite, and they now refer to it as their hobby!

Despite that, players continue to experience some difficulties. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about Coin Master Boom levels and villages.

Coin Master Villages

Advancement in the game is determined by the progress you make in the Coin Master Village. Coin Master villages are exquisitely constructed with different story scenarios and themes.

There are five items in each village. To move on to the next village in Coin Master, the player needs to build different buildings in each village. Coin Master has a different level called the village that has to be finished.

How Many Levels are there in Coin Master?

Coin Master is constantly expanding its number of villages. There are 345 levels in Coin Master as of May 2021. All villages have a unique name and theme.

The following are some names of Coin Master villages:

For East Village No: 5
Wild West Village No: 15
Jungle Village No: 19
Jurrasic Vile Village No: 55
Car Racing Village No: 83
Egyptian Pyramids Village No: 95
Rice Farmer Village No: 110
Mech Workshop Village No: 142
Golf Course Village No: 107
King Arthur Village No: 90

Going ahead with the game Coin Master isn’t an easy task. You have to pay a significant amount of coins to build each village and go to the next village. If you want to move forward in Coin Master villages, always remember to stack up coins by using Coin Master free spin links!

Coin Master Village Cost

It’s not cheap to build a village for Coin Master. You need tons of coins to buy or build villages, sometimes even billions of coins!

For Example, buying your first village in the game you need to spend 4 million coins, then you can gain an idea of how much you would have to pay in the next village. In the next village, there will be more coins required.

If you want the second coin master village, you will be required to pay 6.5 million. Just like that, you have to spend close to 100 million for the first 29 villages in the game. The amount will be converted to billions after you pass through the first 74 levels!

Coin Master Boom Levels and Villages

It is likely that you have already heard of Coin Master’s Boom levels or Boom villages, and may wonder whether they really exist. Several online sources have reported this might just be a rumor since the official creator of the game, Moon Active, has never confirmed that boom villages exist within the game.

In Coin Master, boom villages exist in reality, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Many people are confused between villages and boom villages. 

To avoid any kind of confusion regarding what are Coin Master Boom levels and villages, we have compiled a list of levels that fall under the boom level category.

Coin Master Boom Levels: What Are They?

Boom levels in Coin Master do not differ from those found in a normal village. What separates them from other levels in the games is the variety of bonuses such as chests and cards.

Boom villages have a variety of items that are difficult to find in ordinary villages. When you buy a chest, you will discover very rare or brand-new cards that you will not find in another village.

It’s best to concentrate your energy on Boom Village and buy up enough chests and spend many coins to get many gifts and surprises such as XP, gold, and rare cards, as well as chests, food, spins, and more.

This is a list of Coin Master Boom levels

Understand the boom level and you will have an advantage in the game, you will be completely aware of in which village you have to spend a lot of time and collect maximum coins to earn rewards, rare cards, and a lot of gold. 

The good news is that our website has rounded up all the coin master levels so that you know which is boom level when you reach it!

Take a look at the list below:

Village 5. Far east
Village 7. sunny Hawai
Village 10. Atlantis
Village 13. Arabian nights
Village 15. wild west
Village 17. jungle
Village 20. the arctic
Village 22. Candy land
Village 27. Columbus
Village 30. India
Village 34. dragon lair
Village 35. greek island
Village 37. the wizard
Village 40. area 51
Village 45. musketeers
Village 47. theme park
Village 49. Hell
Village 50. Easter
Village 51. Japan
Village 55. Jurassic ville
Village 57. Mongolia
Village 60. Robin hood
Village 61. Deep-sea
Village 62. Don Quixote
Village 65. Olympus
Village 75. Unicorn
Village 79. Tin Soldier
Village 83. Car Racing
Village 87. Baba Yaga
Village 90. King Arthur
Village 93. Caribbean Resort
Village 95. Egyptian Pyramids
Village 98. Milky Way
Village 102. Goblin Ghetto
Village 105. Circus
Village 107. Golf Course
Village 110. Rice Farmer
Village 112. Irish Craic
Village 115. Aztec
Village 117. Ice Queen
Village 122. Tennis
Village 125. Witches
Village 127. Zanzibar
Village 130. Argentina
Village 135. Gymnastics
Village 136. New york
Village 138. Punk rock
Village 140. Rio
Village 141. Space pirate
Village 142. Mech workshop
Village 143. Jock & Jonna

We have given you all the information about Coin Master Boom Levels and villages. Boom Villages comes with a few extra bonuses that will not only help you for building villages but also for defending them.

Now that you have a good understanding of the coin master Boom levels and villages. This will help you build villages faster and succeed in completing maximum levels. 

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Also, good luck and best wishes for your Coin Master journey!

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