Coin Master Ghost Mode - Advantages & How to Activate It

Coin Master Ghost Mode – Advantages & How to Activate It?

Are you searching for more information on coin master ghost mode? Do you want to know everything about Coin Master’s ghost mode?

You’ve come to the right place. The Coin Master Ghost mode is a great way to improve your game and play like a pro. This article will answer your questions about ghost mode right from what is coin master ghost mode, its advantages, and how to activate it.

With so many features and gameplay choices, Coin Master is one of the most exciting mobile games we’ve ever played. The Coin Master game has many good features, but the game community has contributed their own tips and tricks too. 

For instance, free pet food, free coin master spins, Coin Master’s Ghost mode is some of them.

What is Coin Master Ghost Mode?

However, Coin Master development company Moon active has not officially endorsed the ghost mode as part of the game. Yet it is widely used by a lot of players around the world.

The purpose of this technique is to get an individual’s account completely off the track of the game so that their account cannot be searched by others nor be found by friends. This is exactly like going undercover like a ghost & playing games. Also known as Guest Mode.

Coin Master Ghost Mode Advantages

If you go off track on Coin Master, you will disappear from your friends’ list. Therefore, you can see their profile; however, they cannot find yours. This is the only major benefit of Ghost Mode.

After playing coin master for a long time with your friends, you earn millions of coins that you can use for the next event. You never know who on your friend list will raid your village and steal billions of coins that you are trying to save.

You know how frustrating that is, right?

You can choose the ghost mode so you can go undetected by others so you can more earn coins for the next big event!

So, you’re looking forward to trying out the Ghost mode? Let’s talk about how to activate the ghost mode in Coin Master!

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How do I Enable Ghost Mode on Coin Master?

These are the steps to activate ghost mode in Coin Master:

  1. Shut down the game and launch the Facebook app
  2. Go to the settings
  3. In settings, click on Apps & Websites
  4. Log in with your Facebook account
  5. Simply click on the Remove button to remove Coin Master by ticking the square.
  6. Open the Coin Master Game
  7. If you are prompted to log in using your Facebook information, do not do so. 
  8. Instead, select guest mode.
  9. Your game has started, and Guest mode has been activated!

Well done! 

We have just explored how to activate ghost mode in Coin Master.

Don’t forget that when you sign in via Facebook again, you won’t be playing in Ghost mode anymore. You can also use this trick when playing Coin Master on your PC.

You can still see your friends on your friend list after entering the ghost mode, but they can’t see you. Ghost Mode is fully activated if you do not interact with anyone for at least half an hour.

That’s it, you are now ready to live an undercover life in the Coin Master world. It would be virtually impossible for someone to raid your village online!

We encourage you to at least try this and let us know if there is any other interesting tip besides the coin master ghost mode. Have fun playing your game.


  1. How does Coin Master Ghost Mode work?

    If you use the Ghost Mode in Coin Master, your village will remain hidden from your friends. You can play Coin Master without being noticed by anyone.

  2. How do you turn off/Exit/Remove ghost mode in coin master?

    You can directly login into Facebook with your credentials. In this way, you can remove ghost mode in coin master. However, if this does not work, you may need to uninstall the app and reinstall it. It will take some time but you will be out the ghost mode.

  3. How to hide your village in ghost mode?

    When you activate the ghost mode, friends in your list and other players can not find you. So, that means your village is already hidden from other players & they can not attack or raid on your village. It depends on you for how long you want to stay in ghost mode to avoid any attacks from other players.

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