Top 8 Games Like Coin Master to Play Online (2)

Top 8 Games Like Coin Master to Play Online 2021

Do you want to play Games like Coin Master and Pirate Kings? If that’s true, then you’re just where you need to be! We have prepared a list of awesome games for you to play and enjoy. All of these games are similar to coin master. 

There are lots of exciting games available on the web right now, including Coin Master and Pirate Kings both of which are currently looting users’ ratings and racking up many achievements.

Besides Coin Master and Pirate Kings, several other games are quite popular with gamers.

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Best Games Like Coin Master:

Below you will find a list of Coin Master-like games that you can play. Scroll down & get started going through the best alternatives of Coin Master & Pirate Kings.

1) Island King

1- ISland kingIslands King is a fun and addicting game that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Island King is a new mobile game from the makers of the highly-regarded puzzle game, Flowerz.

This time, players are tasked with building and rebuilding a kingdom as they gather riches to build their own paradise.

Players start with a small island and then build up their territory to create a bigger and better island. As they collect resources like gold and timber, they build buildings and tools, which they can use to improve their island and get more resources.

There is no charge to play the game and you can download it from the Google Play Store. It is possible to play this game solo, with a friend, or with an entire guild.

2) Pirate Coin Master – Rich Pirates:

Pirate Coin Master - Rich Pirates

If you like pirate fun and are looking for a game similar to Coin Master, then Rich Pirates is a good choice. You can play the game on the Android platform and it’s developed by CookApps. There is a lot of similarity between this game & Coin Master / Pirate Kings.

It is fun to play this game and the main objective of this 

A player must conquer his opponent’s islands in order to win the game. In addition, it is necessary for the player to loot treasure from other players’ island, collect gold and build his kingdom. In this game, you can use a wide range of weapons against your enemies.

Rich Pirates and Coin Master have many similarities. A player can raid and collect gold on another island. Similar to Coin Master, players can exploit other kingdoms while defending their own kingdom so that they can become stronger & richer. There are more features in Rich Pirates, such as coin master free spins. Players have the chance to win exciting rewards when they use free spins. 

3) Coin Trip

3 Coin trip

Coin Trip is a virtual coin-collecting game for Android devices. It has been in the Google Play Store for more than a year, but only recently got noticed by the gaming community.

Why is this? The problem is that Coin Trip is a very simple and addictive game. Inspired by a concept created by Canabalt and AGS, Coin Trip is a game where you have to collect coins and avoid being caught by enemies.

You have to move around, avoiding traps and collecting coins. Once you collect a set number of coins, you have to jump over a rising platform and try to reach the coin wall.

Climb over the wall and you’ll be given a few extra coins. With the coins you earn, you can unlock levels and buy bonus items.

Almost all of the levels and gameplay are the same as coin master, but it comes with a different gaming experience. You should definitely try this game for more fun. 

4) Piggy Boom

Piggy Boom- Game

Piggy Boom falls under the casual category of games. A company called Aladin Interactive developed the game specifically for the Android platform. The game has nearly 1 million downloads, reviews, and ratings on Google Play Store.

We included Piggy Go because of its fun gameplay that involves rolling dice with other players and traveling the world, raiding cities, and winning jackpots!

To start the game, gamers must complete a tough competition and collect tickets. Once he has done that, he can go from place to place, including a Casino, and receive as many rewards as he wants. In the game, players can also cook a tasty meal in the kitchen of the game.

5) Smash Island-Be the Island King

5- smash island

This game allows players to travel to a variety of sea islands, attack them, and perhaps even conquer them. It is another pirate-themed game. Players can also build their own SEA KINGDOM that they can rule over.

The game also has some features of coin master, such as collecting unlimited amounts of coins. It will help them to build their own island.

Furthermore, it has the feature of spinning the wheel, attacking your enemies, and raiding their islands.

Smash Island is an incredible and gorgeous game with amazing 3D islands that make you fall in love with it. This game can be downloaded for free and played online with friends and other users. 

6) Boom Space

Boom Space

Playing Boom Space is much like playing Coin Master. This game is a mix of two genres: adventure and social. This game offers multiplayer features, so you can play it with your friends and family members. This game is similar to Coin Master & Pirate Kings in many aspects.

This game is very similar to Coin Master, but instead of a slot machine, it has a magic wheel that allows a player to collect rewards such as gold & more. In order to advance in the game, each player must build his village by looting other villages to acquire rewards and other bonuses.

To remain in the game, the player must defend his village against attacks from other players. The game gives players the chance to collect adorable pets that can be used to defend their cities against enemies.

Additionally, the game enables players to chat with each other players. It is necessary to expand your village to attain master status.

If you’re looking for a game similar to coin master, Boom Space is one of the best bets.

7) Gardenscapes


At the moment, Gardenscapes is available only for android devices. It is free to download & users can get it directly from the Play Store.

The game begins in a garden, and you will see a wide variety of characters in the game. Throughout the game, you will encounter unexpected twists & turns.

The player must first build and then restore the garden’s former glory to proceed with the game. Like Coin Master or Pirate King, it’s possible to play it with friends. The game has a cute pup which you’ll like playing with!

This game is one of the most downloaded & reviewed games on the Google Play Store with almost 8 million downloads & the same number of reviews. There are more positive User Reviews than negative ones.

8) Pango Land 

PAngo LAnd

Pango Land was specifically designed by Studio Pango to provide a fun, educational environment for children. Pango Land is released on Android mobile phones. It’s fun to interact with cute animals such as bunnies, squirrels, pigs, and pangos in the Pango Land game.

Animals in the game have their own homes where they invite the player to play many games & participate in different activities.

Playing the game is a great fun way for kids to learn and play at the same time, as it’s full of interesting characters and activities.

You can play a new game every day. Throughout the game, Various tasks are assigned to a player, including lighting a fire, decorating a Christmas tree, and cooking delicious food. The rewards are tremendous, including golds, diamonds, and more!

If you want the same type of exciting online gaming experience as with the Coin Master and Pirate Kings, check these games out. 

Let us know if you have any other favorite games like coin master and pirate kings in the comments below.

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