Coin Master Viking Quest Tips And Tricks

Coin Master Viking Quest Tips and Tricks

Coin Master Viking Quest: 

There are several events in Coin Master that provide players the chance to be rewarded with big wins and thrilling awards.

Viking Quest is an excellent example. In The Viking Quest, players can win Golden cards, pet food, pet potions, and even free spins and coins.

Viking Quest is a popular event for several reasons. Not only does it provide exciting rewards, but it also adds a bonus. The Coins you win in this event will be raid-free for the next three minutes, similar to ghost mode. That means you don’t have to worry about getting looted by your friends for a while.

Most people are already familiar with how to play Viking Quest, so before wasting any time, here are some useful Viking Quest tips and tricks. 

Coin Master Viking Quest Tips and Tricks

1) At first, Play it cool. 

The Viking Quest offers players the chance to win one billion coins, as well as other bonuses. You have to have billions of coins in your pocket before you enter the Viking Quest. This will be the only way you can succeed in the Viking Quest.

As soon as you have approximately 5-7 billion in coins, you will be ready for the event. We’ve listed some ways to make sure you win more Coins and other prizes from our Viking quest. These tips and tricks will help you avoid losing a single penny in coin master if you pay follow them seriously. 

In the beginning, remain calm and cool to earn more coins before the storm hits. There are multiple levels in the quest but, the first 5 quests are very easy. Try to collect maximum coins from the bonus wheel at the beginning of the quest. because the difficulty level of the quest gradually increases after level 6.

2) Bet carefully during the event

The most important aspect to remember is to bet carefully during the event. During an event like this, betting blindly will result in you losing your coins instead of gaining them. The following tips will help you to succeed.

Once you reached level 6, it is recommended to bet with the lowest number first and after the first spin, increase your bet.

For example:

If you bet two million coins, increase your bet to seven million coins and spin 20 times. Do 10 spins at the highest amount after that.

With this method, you can achieve many amazing and exciting rewards.

3) Slot machine with Bonus wheel trick

If you are continually getting bad results from betting, then we have a few tips and tricks for you that will help you get a good result.

Note: Many players have used this method, but we cannot assure that it works for everyone because the coin master algorithm changes often.

When you’re betting frequently in the coin master and not getting any good results, use one spin on the slot machine and return to the bonus wheel. Now, Set your bet to the medium or low range and start betting.

Once you’ve won four or five bonuses, your bet should hit the max, yet every time the reels spin, you’re bound to hit a big win.


What level do you need to play Viking Quest in Coin Master?

Any player with a village-level of 50 and above can take part in a Viking Quest.

What is the Viking Quest Rewards?

You can expect lots of free spins and coins, pet potions, chests, foods for pets, and gold cards.

Can I play Coin Master on my PC?

There are only two platforms that Coin Master is currently available on android and iOS. On the other hand, you can play Coin Master on your computer using an android emulator.

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