Best 10 Offline Shooting Games on Playstore for Android Users (2022)

Best 10 Offline Shooting Games on Playstore for Android Users (2024)

If you are a fan of shooting games and looking for the best offline shooting games for android? Then you are in the right place. This post contains the list of the Best 10 offline shooting games on playstore.

These games are designed with user-friendly features, which make the game very easy to play.

These games have various features like

  • Simple Controls: User-friendly controls that allow you to play the game easily without any hassles.
  • Multiplayer Games: Multiplayer games help to enhance the gaming experience and make it more interesting.
  • Various weapons: You can use different kinds of weapons in these games.
  • Different levels: Different levels allow you to test your skills in the game.
  • Awesome graphics: Awesome graphics give a great look to the game.
  • Easy gameplay: The game is designed with simple controls that help to play the game easily.
  • No Ads: Ads are annoying and sometimes cause issues while playing the game. So, all the shooting games have no ads and that makes the game completely free of cost. If you are playing the game offline mode, you will not see any ads.

We have listed down the games as per the maximum downloads and reviews on playstore. So, without wasting much time let’s get started with the list of the Best 10 Offline Shooting Games on the play store.

All 10 Offline Shooting Games on Playstore

1) FPS Gun Shooting – Fauji Games

Welcome to the most intense and realistic FPS shooting game for android. If you are a fan of military, army, or war games, then this is the best game for you. You can use all your shooting skills and tactics in this game to survive the battlefield.

This is a free FPS shooting game for Android which provides an immersive experience to the user. This is a free game that is designed for Android devices.

It’s a great way to kill your time. The game is basically an offline game, so it requires no internet connection. You will be able to play the game on your mobile phone or tablet.

The game has a variety of weapons and different levels. There are different types of maps in the game which provide a different types of gameplay.

The game has a very good storyline which is very appealing. You can play this game in your free time and have fun with your friends.

Features of the game:

  • Intense graphics
  • High-quality 3D graphics
  • Stunning storyline
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Easy & Free to play
  • Offline FPS game
  • A new level every week
  • Play in your spare time
  • Amazing shooting experience
  • Different types of maps
  • Different types of weapons
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Good storyline
  • Fun gameplay

2) FRAG – Online PVP Battle Games

With over 20 million downloads, FRAG is one of the best FPS and TPS games for Android. It has a deep story mode that allows you to play through multiple game modes, each with its own storyline and special characters.
The game offers over 100+ weapons, many of which can be unlocked as you progress through the game.
It also offers a 2vs2 team game mode and over 100 different maps to play on. There are many other features in the game such as a multiplayer system, multiple game modes, daily challenges, and achievements.
In this game, you can choose a hero and make a team. Go into the arena and start shooting! You have to defeat all opponents in your way to get to the enemy’s base and take their flag. Shoot at the opposing team’s base until it is destroyed, or until you run out of ammo. Keep an eye on the health bar of your hero, and when it gets too low, it’s game over.
This is the best offline FPS battle game with amazing 3D graphics, exciting sound effects, and realistic gameplay.

3) Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

Mini Militia – Doodle Army is one of the perfect FPS games available for Android. It is an offline 2D cross between Soldat & Halo. It is one of the best android games out there for everyone as it is filled with fun and exciting gameplay.
This is a cartoon-themed 2D shooter game where you have to defeat other players in multiplayer gameplay.
This game has more than 20 maps and there is a vast variety of weapons and upgrades to choose from.
With the help of jetpack, you can fly around in the game and avoid enemy bullets. You have to protect your base in this game and kill the other player.
This is an offline game but you can also play this game online. You can also play this game with your friends and family members in multiplayer mode.
You can unlock various weapons & other stuff in-game as you progress through the game. The graphics of the game is excellent.
This game has got a lot to offer, and if you want a good android game, this is a must-have one.

4)  Sniper Shooter Games Offline

Sniper Shooter Games Offline is the best offline gun games for Android with realistic graphics, challenging gameplay, and a thrilling storyline.
If you are a fan of sniper games and FPS shooting games, then you must try this one of the best offline sniper games for Android which has more than 40 exciting missions, different maps, and a lot of cool weapons to use.
Featuring action-packed thrill and sniper games 3d adventures, this new free shooting game is a must-have. Play this war game with pro-players if you’re curious to test your gun shooter game shooting skills. The game has thousands of unique 3d gun games where you can play sniper missions.
The game is totally offline, but it provides top-notch non-stop action-packed 500 missions split into various game modes that must be played with 50+ next-gen weapons that can be selected from a variety of skins.
Basically, you won’t want to miss out on playing one of the best sniper games for Android.

5)  Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games

Sniper 3D is one of the best FPS games for Android. It is a fun, action-packed game that is full of intense and challenging gameplay.
In this game, you are a sniper assassin who has to eliminate your targets by shooting them down in an action-packed game. The game is set in 21 different cities across the globe and you have to complete the missions in these cities to unlock new areas.
The game is divided into 3 different modes: Story Campaign, Arena, and Zombie Nightmare.
The game features a very realistic and 3D environment where you can enjoy a fun, addictive, and challenging FPS game.
You can also compete in the Arena and Squad Wars to become the best sniper assassin in the world. The graphics are really good & the gameplay is amazing. This is the game for Android that will keep you entertained for hours. It is a perfect game for all FPS fanatics.

6) Cover Fire: fun shooting games

Kill all enemies and survive the war zone. This is a sniper shooting game, the best offline game for mobile, sniper 3d shooting game. Don’t stop shooting and play it with your friends. You are the best gunner in the world.
Show them that you’re the real sniper. Be a hero! Take out your best gun and start shooting. Survive the war zone in army missions, single-player campaigns, or online multiplayer. Shoot zombies, terrorists, soldiers, cops, helicopters, and tanks. Kill all enemies and survive the war zone.
Enjoy this action shooting game, best action shooter game, online sniper shooting game, best offline shooter game, best 3d shooting game for free on your Android device.
Best online multiplayer shooter game – Online multiplayer battle in army missions, sniper 3d ops, drive vehicles or fun shooting from helicopters with a heavy gun.
Make your best guns more damaging in the warzone by customizing and upgrading their skills. Kill all enemies and survive the war zone. Sniper 3D Shooting Game – Get your best shooting gun and take to action.

7) N.O.V.A. Legacy

 The world has been taken over by aliens. Only you can save the world! In N.O.V.A. Legacy, you are part of a secret unit of elite soldiers called N.O.V.A. Help Kal Wardin, our hero, in his mission to save humanity from annihilation.
You must take down the alien threat one shot at a time. You’ll be fighting in the most advanced mobile suit ever built by mankind.
This is your chance to prove yourself in combat and save the world. Fight for your freedom. Fight for humanity. Fight to be the best shooter in the universe.


  • Fast-paced FPS gameplay with high-quality 3D graphics.
  • Single-player Campaign offline to protect Earth anytime, anywhere.
  • Online multiplayer battle against other players to survive and conquer the enemy forces.
  • Customize your suit and weapons with hundreds of cards and skins.
  • Play the single-player campaign offline to protect Earth anytime, anywhere.
  • Fight for your freedom. Fight for humanity. Fight to be the best shooter in the universe.
  • Online multiplayer battle against other players to survive and conquer the enemy forces.

 8) DEAD TARGET: Offline Games

DEAD TARGET is an offline shooting game that will test your skills at killing zombies.

You are one of many elite soldiers who have been sent out to kill every single zombie within a certain time limit. Your mission is simple – survive until the end by using any means necessary.

The more zombies you shoot, the higher score you get. Use different kinds of weapons such as sniper rifles, machineguns, or even rocket launchers in order to take down these monsters! Are you ready for this challenge?

As you progress in the game you can also unlock different 3D weapons and upgrade them with new parts.

Each weapon has its own unique characteristics which make it easier to use against specific enemies.

For example, A shotgun might be great against slow-moving zombies but useless when facing fast ones. This gives each player their very own style of play.

9) Gun War: Shooting Games

Gun War is an amazing offline shooting game for android users who want a real gun war experience on their phone or tablet. You can play Gun War with your friends in multiplayer mode. This game has been played by more than 1 million people worldwide.

The game supports 15 different languages. Also while playing as a shooter you will get more than 124 weapons to use against enemies.

There are many different weapons available as well as some special abilities which make it feel more realistic than other games in its genre. There are 6 game types available. You will have access to 50 + maps & scenes in the game.

If you are playing with your friends or with any random person then you will see leaderboards, achievements, and many other features which make this game unique from others. If you like action games then you should definitely try out Gun War.

The overall gameplay experience is really smooth on my phone with this app. I like how you can customize your character’s appearance by changing their hair color or skin tone. The graphics are also very nice looking. It has a good amount of content to keep players busy for hours at a time.

10) Strike Force Heroes: FPS 3D

Strike Force Heroes is a 3D offline shooting (FPS) game with multiplayer mode. The player has to shoot enemies from different distances and angles. You have to use all weapons available to complete each level. This is most realistic 3D FPS game ever made.

If we take about the features of the game then it has many more features which are listed below :

  • 3D Graphics with the realistic physics engine
  • Realistic weapons (guns)
  • High-quality sound effects
  • Multiple maps
  • Different types of gameplay modes.
  • Weapon customization
  • Online multiplayer mode
  • Achievements system
  • Leaderboards
  • Customizable controls

The overall gameplay is really good and you will enjoy playing this game for a long time. It’s also very easy to play, so anyone can easily get into it.

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I hope that the article has given you insight into some of the Best 10 Best Offline Shooting Games on playstore.  All these offline shooting games offer a lot of entertainment for gamers who want something they can enjoy even when they are not connected to the internet.

In case, we have not missed any offline shooting games which you are playing then let us know in the comments below. We would like to add it to the list.

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