Best 10 Educational Games on Playstore for Kids (2022)

Best 10 Educational Games on Playstore for Kids (2024)

Need to keep the kids entertained during the long journey back to your base? Then you have come to the right place, We have listed the best 10 educational games on playstore for kids and toddlers!

These educational games are fun and engaging. The game will be more fun for your kid to learn with the added benefit of teaching them skills that they can take anywhere!

From fun math games to trivia quizzes, this list has something for everyone. If your child wants to learn something new, these education games will definitely good place to start.

We have gone through all the best educational games available on the Play Store and picked out the best.  We have selected only apps that are well-designed and have a great interface.

The apps in this list will help your child improve their skills in math, language, social studies, and even science. These games also allow your kids to practice memory skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

All 10 Educational Games on Playstore

1) Coloring & Learn

Coloring is a perfect art that helps in relaxation. Kids love to color their favorite characters and color their favorite cartoon characters. Coloring apps are best for kids.

Kids can also learn new things through coloring. So, if you are looking for the best coloring & learning app for your kids, this is the right one.

This is the best app for kids to learn through coloring. It has a lot of fun features and activities for kids to play.

This app is filled with more than 100+ cartoon characters and a huge number of coloring pages for kids. There are more than 100+ colorful characters in this app.

All these characters are based on popular cartoons and cartoons series like Peppa Pig, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, etc.

Moreover, the characters are all in different moods and emotions. Kids can color them in their favorite colors or in any of the colors as per their choice.

2) Truck games for kids – build a house, car wash

Truck games for kids are one of the best games for kids to play. They are super fun & addictive.

In these truck games for kids, you can build a house, a car wash & other stuff. Kids love to play these truck games for kids because they are really simple and easy to play.

Moreover, kids love to play games that are designed with a kid-friendly theme. These truck games for kids are designed with a kid-friendly theme so kids can play them without any difficulty.

Kids love to play these truck games for kids as they are super fun and addictive. Build a beautiful house, an amazing mansion, a palace, a nice pool, a hotel, a beach club, or anything that you want in the world with the help of this building game for toddlers.

You will find in these games some types of trucks like bulldozers, excavators, cars, and many more! This will help kids to think creatively and imagine to finish their house with ease. These building games for toddlers are very simple and easy to play!

3) Baby Panda’s Supermarket

Baby Panda’s Supermarket is one of the best shopping games for your kids on the android play store. In this game, you have to play the role of a baby panda who wants to buy groceries for his mommy.

There are many items in the supermarket like milk, bread, eggs, rice, vegetables, fruits & more. As a super baby panda, you need to collect all the food items in the supermarket.

So, kids need to solve puzzles, match objects, and collect all the items. The gameplay is very simple & easy to understand for you kids.

This will help kids to identify different products in the supermarket and spell them correctly. The graphics of the game is really attractive for kids and they love playing this game over and over again.

Why Baby Panda’s Supermarket is the perfect game for your kid?

  1. Easy to play
  2. Attractive graphics
  3. Simple gameplay
  4. Interactive characters
  5. Puzzles and Matching Games
  6. Educational value
  7. The game is suitable for your children
  8. Different types of food items
  9. Various levels to play
  10. Beautiful background music
  11. High-quality sound effects
  12. No push notifications
  13. Lots of cute baby panda pictures
  14. No time limit
  15. No third-party permissions

4) Fashion Dress up games for girls. Sewing clothes

Fashion Dress-up games for girls is a dress-up game for girls which can help you to dress up your little girl by choosing the best fashion items for her. The game has the most beautiful dresses and accessories for your little girl.

Nowadays, children like to play fashion dress up games because it is an easy and fun way to learn how to sew clothes. Your little girl will love playing with this dress-up game. With lots of options.

This game provides you with the ability to change the appearance of your little girl’s outfits with a variety of colors, patterns and shapes.

Just choose what you want your little girl to wear, and watch as she takes on a new look. This fashion dress-up games for girls is a perfect game for girls who love fashion.

5) ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids is a wonderful educational app that can help children learn the English alphabet, phonics, and pronunciation.

With this amazing free android app, kids can learn the English alphabet, English words, learn the alphabet and phonics and even play games.

It helps them to improve their memory and build their confidence while learning to write their first letters and sounds of the alphabet.

This app is developed by RV AppStudio and it is compatible with all Android devices. So, if you want to make your kid’s life easier, this is the best app for them.
Features of the ABC Kids:
• Learn the ABC with our easy-to-understand alphabet and phonics lessons.
• Play games to improve your English vocabulary.
• Add pictures of objects to help you remember new words.
• Find out how to pronounce words and letter sounds.
• A great place to practice your English pronunciation.
• Get the most fun from your ABC Kids app.

6) Smolsies – My Cute Pet House

Smolsies is a free game for kids and toddlers. This app is designed for toddlers and young kids who are fascinated by animals and like to play with pets. This is an adorable free pet app for kids to play and enjoy.

It is designed for the little ones and their parents. If you are a parent, then you know that a child has the best imagination when it comes to creating imaginary stories. That’s why Smolsies is created in this way.

It is the perfect app for kids who love to play with animals. The kid can hatch the surprise egg and collect the pet baby Smolsies. The kid can feed, take care of the baby Smolsies and watch them grow.

The app is designed in a simple manner so that even toddlers can play it. Kids will also learn about the different types of animals.

The game is developed in a way that is suitable for kids of all ages. The game is based on interesting graphics, animation, and sound effects. It will help you understand your child’s interest in animals and teach you a lot about it.

Your child will be amazed at what it sees in the app. It will not only help you understand your child’s interest but will also help you learn about the animals.

7) Math Kids: Math Games For Kids

Math Kids is an educational app developed by RV AppStudio. Math Kids is a fun and free math game for kids. You can see that this is a good math game for kids, as the app is very easy to understand and play. Children will enjoy playing this game because it has different levels for kids.

The number of mini-games included in Math Kids will captivate toddlers and pre-K kids, and the more they play, the more proficient their math skills will become!

With its variety of math puzzles, Math Kids assists preschoolers, kindergarteners, and 1st graders in learning numbers and practicing addition and subtraction. Games and stickers will keep them entertained, and you can enjoy watching them grow as they learn and grow.

This educational app will help kids learn to recognize numbers and practice basic math. You can tell that Math Kids is a great educational app for children, and you’ll have a great time watching them grow and learn. Math Kids is a great app for kids!

8) Baby Panda’s School Bus

A lot of parents have a lot of problems when they are going to take their kids to school, especially the first time. Because they can’t really be sure if their kids will behave well in the classroom or not. They don’t know how to control their kids in the classroom.

But now, there is a perfect solution for all the parents. It is the Baby Panda’s School Bus. This app is developed by a famous company named BabyBus, and this is a great app for toddlers.

The Baby Panda’s School Bus is a virtual driving simulator that helps kids to simulate going to school in a fun and exciting way. This app can help parents to prepare their kids for kindergarten and make them happy and excited about going to school.

And it can also help parents to make sure that their kids will behave well in the classroom and follow the rules. In addition, it can also help children to learn and explore.

9) Baby Phone for toddlers – Numbers, Animals & Music.

Kids love playing on their phones and they are becoming smarter and smarter every day. It is important that they learn about numbers and colors and the names of animals. Baby Phone is the perfect solution for this problem.

This is a free educational game for toddlers. This game is for toddlers ages 1-5 years old.

In the game, you can find the names of animals in different languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

The game includes many numbers and colors. You can count the numbers from 1 to 10 in English and other languages.

The app is also great for kids who are learning their first language, or who need a way to practice speaking and reading the numbers. It has many games and activities to help your child learn how to count, read numbers and recognize colors.

10) Baby Panda’s Safety & Habits

Baby Panda’s Safety & Habits game is an educational game for kids which is designed to teach kids about health and safety.

This game is based on real-life events and is suitable for kids of all ages. This game is designed to help kids develop healthy living habits and teach kids how to protect themselves in case of natural disasters. This game has been developed with the utmost care.

It is a must-play for kids of all ages. It’s time to learn how to be safe and stay healthy.  There are five mini games in this game, which include brushing the teeth, brushing the hair, taking the zebra crossing, playing games, and cleaning up the room.

The mini-games are very easy to play and children can easily play them by themselves. Kids can also have fun with this game.

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Here’s our list of the Best 10 Educational Games on Playstore for Kids. All of these games have been tested by teachers and parents. They’ve been proven to boost learning while having fun!

Our list includes some popular apps, as well as more specialized apps for things like spelling, math, reading, etc. You’ll find games that focus on science, art, writing, and much more. We have tried to pick up games from different categories which will help you make a decision about which game is best for your kid.

We hope this article helps you find the right educational games for your kids! If you have any suggestions for games that are missing, please feel free to leave a comment below!


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