Best 10 Cricket Games on Playstore for Android Users (2022)

Best 10 Cricket Games on Playstore for Android Users (2024)

Are you looking for some good cricket games to play on your android phone, then we have some great games for you to try. As a cricket fan, you know that cricket is one of the most played sport in the world.

There are a lot of cricket games on the android playstore, but finding the best game is a really challenging task. Therefore, we have made it easy for you by creating this post.

We have tried our best to list the best cricket games available on playstore. By considering the game graphics, easy-to-use control, review, and most downloads we have listed down the best 10 Cricket Games on Playstore for Android Users.

All 10 Cricket Games on Playstore

1) World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3 is the second installment of the most popular 3D cricket game on Android. This is a game of cricket, you will be able to experience the thrill of playing as your favorite cricketers.

Play the game with your friends or with other users in real-time, and make your dream of being a great cricket player come true. This game is packed with features and the best thing about it is that it is free!


  • More than 30 players to choose from
  • Realistic cricket match
  • Game modes: Single and multiplayer
  • Full control of the ball with a realistic feel
  • Realistic cricket fields
  • New camera angles and animations
  • Beautiful graphics
  • In-game leaderboards
  • Customizable players
  • Online and offline play
  • 3D gameplay
  • Free to download and play
  • Android version of the game
  • User-friendly

2) Cricket League

Cricket is one of the most popular sports worldwide. It’s played in almost every country in the world. This is the perfect game for cricket lovers all over the world. Cricket League is the best cricket game for Android.

It’s the easiest cricket game for beginners as well as for experienced players. The game is packed with cool graphics & features. You can create your own team & play against your friends or players around the world.

You can also play quick 2 over matches in just a few minutes. The game certainly has great graphics and an interface.

You can easily select your team name, logo, captain, uniform, and stadium. You can even change the pitch colors.

The game provides a great cricket experience with realistic gameplay. It’s the best cricket game for Android that you should not miss.

3) World Cricket Championship Lt

Do you love the World Cup Cricket? Then here is the perfect game for you. With the World Cricket Championship Lt, you will be able to play the best and most thrilling cricket game on Android.

The World Cricket Championship Lt game includes two modes: Online mode & Offline mode. In the online mode, you can compete against your friends to see whose score is higher than yours.

You can also choose between teams such as Australia, India, Pakistan, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh, Ireland, New Zealand, West Indies, South Africa, Australia, England, and the Rest of the World.

You can play the game with any team or any player. You can play this game with the single-player mode as well. There are three different leagues in this game: Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Each league has its own season. You can play with your friends and win the league by beating them. You can also play with your friends and beat their scores.

You can play this game with any player or team. It is a free cricket game that includes some modes such as league, knockout, and playoffs.

4) Real Cricket™ GO

In this game, you can relive the best cricket experience by playing international tournaments. It is the complete cricket game for android users.

It comes with an easy-to-use interface, and it is the perfect cricket game for your Android device. The best part of this game is that you can play it for free and it does not require any in-app purchases.

Real Cricket GO has two modes of gameplay which are the tournament mode and the league mode. The tournament mode consists of various international matches and the league mode consists of all-time classic games.

This game features different types of stadiums, wickets, and ball types. This game has the best graphics and also the most authentic cricket experience on your android device. There is a total of 12 teams in the league mode and the tournament mode.

Real Cricket GO is a cricket game that allows you to play against your friends and the world at the same time. It is possible to play in offline or online mode.

5) T20 Cricket Champions 3D

T20 Cricket Champions 3D is the most exciting cricket game for Android. It is a free cricket game where you can play as any of the best T20 cricketers like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Dwayne Bravo, David Warner, and many more.

The best cricket players from all over the world are featured in this T20 cricket game. You can play in real-time cricket matches and in real-world cricket tours.

You can also create your own cricket team and compete with your friends in the online world.
The game features four modes:

TOURNAMENT: In this mode, you can take part in real-time cricket matches. You can play as your favorite player or create your own cricket team. You can also participate in real-world cricket tours.

LIVE EVENTS: In this mode, you can play in synchronous matches with real-world cricket tours. You can play in T20 Cricket World Cup, Asia Cup, Indian Premier League, World Cup, Champions League, ICC World T20, ODI World Cup, and many more.

QUICK MATCH: In this mode, you can play against computer-controlled teams in real-time cricket matches.

6) Real Cricket™ 17

Real Cricket™ 17 is a cricket game developed by Nautilus Mobile. This is the most complete cricket game in the world. It has everything that you need to play a match.

The game contains all the rules, regulations, and other important things that are needed to play a cricket match. You can choose the players from different countries. All the players have their own unique abilities, which will help them to score more runs.

The game has different modes, including Test series, T20 World Cup, International Cricket Council events.

The game has an online multiplayer feature, which allows the players to connect with other players from around the world. The game is a lot more smooth than it was in the past and it has a more stunning presentation

As you progress in multiple matches you will also be able to track your ranking on the leaderboard.

7) Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League is a T20 cricket game that is based on real-life cricket league. You can play like a franchise player and a top-level cricketer.

The game is filled with features such as player customization, contracts, player trading, tournaments and much more. This game is really addictive and challenging. You can create your own team, customize your player, negotiate with other players and play in real-time.

It has a wide range of features like unlimited teams, realistic graphics, realistic ball physics, realistic crowd reactions, realistic stadium, realistic player animations, realistic player and ball collisions, and many more. Stick Cricket Super League is an amazing cricket game for Android.

8) Epic Cricket – Real 3D World Cup Championship 2021

This cricket game is a complete package that gives you a lot of fun and excitement along with its amazing gameplay & features.
The game has beautiful 3D graphics that make the game look so realistic. The game has a great story mode that makes it more interesting to play.
The game has a good interface & user-friendly controls which make the game more convenient to play.
You can also enjoy a beautiful 3D cricket stadium with great background music. You can also enjoy a live cricket match with a great commentary.
The game is also packed with a great variety of game modes such as test, one day, and t20 format.

9) Real Cricket™ Test Match

Real Cricket™ Test Match is an amazing test match cricket game for Android which is designed to be a fun and entertaining game for all ages.

The game features a wide range of teams and stadiums and is packed with features that make it easy to play.

In this game, you will be able to play a test match between any of the 10 Test Cricket playing nations: Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe.

Each of these nations has a set number of players and each has a specific set of players that they are best known for.

You will be able to select your team and compete against other players in this unique tournament-style game.

As the game progresses you will be able to see how your team performs on the scoreboard, as well as how well your players perform in the field.  You can choose to play as a captain, or you can choose to play as one of the 15 different teams that are available in the game.

The game features many different modes including an Exhibition mode where you can play a test match against your friends.

A Quick Match mode where you can play a test match against other players online, a Tournament mode where you can compete against other teams in a variety of tournaments.

A Practice mode where you can practice before your test match, and a Player Mode where you can view the statistics of your players, and learn how to play cricket.

 10) Smash Cricket

Smash Cricket is one of the most popular free cricket games available on Google Play Store for Android devices. This cricket game is all about cricket with your friends or enemies. You can play with your friends and battle them live online.

You can also play with your dream team by collecting and managing cricket players. Moreover, you can play this game offline mode. This cricket game is available for free on Google play.

The gameplay is very easy and anyone can play this game without any difficulty. In this game, you will have to bat and bowl the ball to defeat your opponents. You have to score more runs than your opponent in order to win the game. The game also features a lot of other features like match mode, online multiplayer mode, and offline mode.


  • Best cricket game for Android users.
  • Become a world champion by competing live online with your friends.
  • You can also play offline whenever you want! There is no need for an internet connection.
  • Enjoy the best 3D graphics possible when playing Smash Cricket.  World Cup Defeat India, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Pakistan to become world champions.
  • Online War Super Showdown! Play against friends or enemies in live online matches.
  • Dream Teams Over 40 real cricket batsmen and bowlers to collect and manage.
  • Play the best cricket game anywhere anytime!

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Hope you like the Best 10 Cricket Games on Playstore. We would like to tell you that all of these games are free.

We have picked up the best cricket games according to their user reviews and popularity. So, try them out and pick the one which you think is the best for you.

In Case, if you feel you have played any other cricket game which is not part of the list and would like to include it in the list then let us know via comments.

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