Top 10 Games Like Tribal Wars To Play In 2021

Top 10 Games Like Tribal Wars To Play In 2024

If you don’t know what the game is about, let me give you a quick overview. Tribal Wars is one of the top massively multiplayer online games (or MMO for short) that is played by hundreds of thousands of people every day.

The game is played like a real-time strategy (RTS) game where you control a tribe of people. You are not only responsible for making decisions about what to build and what to defend, but you need to make sure your tribe has enough food and wood for their survival. In the game, players collect resources, build structures, grow armies, and make strategic decisions.

The game also comes with a game server, which allows players to team up against each other and compete in real-time. It has many features that are unique to games on the Android operating system, such as achievements and leaderboards, and was designed for the advanced gamer who wants to know more about games. 

Trying out a real-time strategy game for the first time can be quite exciting if you have never done so before. If so, then you should put this game first on your list. 

What Games Are Similar To Tribal Wars?

In the same way as tribal wars, there are a lot of games on the market that are based on strategy gameplay. There is a huge following of players for all of them, and their popularity is high.

In this way, we have compiled a handy list of all games that are similar to tribal wars so that you don’t have to experiment with each one of them. 

Top 10 Games Like Tribal Wars

1) Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans is a free-to-play mobile strategy game developed & published by a Plarium video game developer. It’s based on the medieval history of Scandinavia and focuses on war, strategy, and tactics.

In the game, you build your clan of Vikings and battle other clans in tactical, turn-based, mobile-optimized combat—acquiring more Vikings as you level up and develop your clan’s army and resources, and then using those resources to conquer more territories from other players.

There are many games out there which many people play and enjoy. But, not everyone likes the same type of game. Some people like to play strategy games that require you to strategize and use your brains to win.

Some people like to play games that are more of a thoughtless strategy game. Vikings: War of Clans is a unique game, and the reason why it’s so popular is because of the real-time strategy elements that come with it.

2) Stormfall: Age of War

Stormfall: Age of War (SOW) is a free-to-play strategy game designed to combine elements of a third-person action game and a real-time strategy game. The player is in charge of a clan of various types of warriors, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

As the game progresses, the player must earn resources to rebuild a village for the clan to live in and to make weapons and defenses to defend their village.

3) Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War is a highly-action packed strategy game, where you play as one of four factions to create a glorious and prosperous empire. Your mission is to conquer the lands of the kingdom, but there is one big obstacle: your enemies.

Their goal is to thwart your plan in any way they can. Throne: Kingdom at War has an intuitive gameplay mechanic, but you need to have a basic understanding of real-time strategy games to play it well.

You begin by selecting a character and moving him to a location. You can then build structures and units, and the units you build will be used to attack your enemies. At the beginning of each turn, the computer will train new troops for you, and you can also use the money you earn to train more powerful units.

4) Travian Kingdoms

Travian is a browser-based strategy game focused on medieval times. It is one of the largest games in the world and it is free. With over 5 million players, the game has some of the longest-running rivalries in the gaming world. 

Players are tasked with colonizing the world by building a village. There are not many actual buildings to build, but rather lots of different kinds of buildings which provide different things to the village and its economy.

The goal is to expand your villages and increase your population in this strategy game. In the game, each player is assigned a small area that they have to expand throughout the game while keeping an eye out for enemies.

5) The Settlers Online

The Settlers is a game with a simple concept, but a complex one to play: you are in charge of building your civilization and expanding your empire. You can choose to play as a single colony, or you can start from scratch and build the biggest and most advanced city in the world.

Along the way, you will need a good army and some great leaders who will help you expand and defend your land. This strategy game combines three elements from the real world-tradition, culture, and technology-and results in a simple yet interesting gameplay experience. 

As you progress, you can upgrade the land by constructing buildings and adding things like water and ore deposits, food, and stone quarries, among other things. A clever way to do this is that, as you explore the map, you are given random objectives to fulfill.

Other objectives might include collecting all the gold by the end of the day, protecting the settlement from an unexpected tribe, or building a road to the nearby town.

6) Game of Emperors

Game of Emperors is a great new strategy game that’s available on Web browser in 30 different languages. In-Game of Emperors, players take on the role of an Emperor of Rome who is expanding his civilization while simultaneously defending it against foreign invaders.

As players advance through the Game of Emperors, they’ll collect resources, build cities, train armies, and conquer other nations.

In-Game of Emperors, players choose from a selection of well-defined races and then customize their nations in a variety of ways. These include selecting the type of government, the type of currency used, the type of units available, and the type of buildings created.

‘Game of Emperors’ is a popular board game in which you must compete to conquer the world. In this game, the aim is to dominate the world by building up your empire, which involves controlling provinces, getting extra resources, subjugating tribes, and battles.

7) Imperia Online

Imperia Online is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Imperia Online JSC. As players, you can build your own city, build a clan, create alliances, and engage in fierce battles on the battlefield. 

A tutorial guide will be provided to you when you start playing the game to help you get a better understanding of its gameplay and structure. You will also receive rewards for successfully completing the game tutorial. 

8) Game of War: Fire Age

Game of War: Fire Age is the most popular game on Google Play. The game combines the strategy of a war game with the role-playing fantasy of a role-playing game to create new and thrilling possibilities.

It is developed and published by Machine Zone company which is specialized in creating war games. Whenever the company releases a new game, it delivers a great experience to game lovers. Even after being released on both Android and iOS in 2013, this mobile app is still the most downloaded and played.  

You must be thinking, What is the gameplay of Game of War: Fire Age? It’s a game that’s played in real-time, where you collect resources, upgrade your buildings and summon creatures to defend your base. In this game, you’re on a team with other players, fighting for the same objective. Being the best team, you’ll earn the most resources each day and hold the top spot on the leaderboard. It serves the same gameplay as other war games but graphics and characters are something you will love a lot. You must play this game if you have not played it before.  

9) Elvenar

Elvenar is a game in which you can play as a leader of an elven tribe. Your goal is to grow and build your tribe and expand your territory. It also has a multiplayer mode that you can play with friends.

 The game is inspired by the world of D&D and retro games. The main focus of this RPG game is to make your character have a unique personality, to be able to interact with the environment, and to play with other characters.

This is achieved by a deep level of customization of the character. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of hair, skin, eye, and facial expressions, as well as a huge number of different character sprites. 

10) Sparta: War of Empires

Game of Sparta: War of Empires is a real-time strategy (RTS) video game developed and published by HandyGames. It was released in June 2011, for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and it has been ported to the iOS and Android platforms.

The game is set in the ancient world of Sparta, where players assume the role of Alexander the Great, ruler of the Greek city-state of Macedonia. Players are tasked with building a city and army, recruiting soldiers and leaders in order to build a powerful army and conquer Sparta.

In the war gameplay, you command a small army of warriors and mercenaries to fight for your cause. You can choose from a selection of units including soldiers, archers, cavalry, knights, and cannons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. 

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